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Wear makeup every day and take care of your body should form seems of everyday life, but the days women are increasingly hectic and do not always have time to be perfect.
And so here are some essential beauty tips , who are facing time and real needs of women.

How to choose the right shade of bronzer

women beauty secrets

When we try to have a bright face, there is nothing more annoying stains on the face caused by the make-up, in particular by the foundation or bronzer.
Then choose the right shade of bronzer, which is as close as possible to your complexion, is critical. Will enhance your face shape and will get a less tired face.
There are foundation and bronzer liquid and compact. Those liquids provide a more natural effect, but there is no need to apply the brush.

Not only that, just a bit ‘of bronzer to alleviate the signs of fatigue on the face ….

How to choose eye shadows

Beauty secrets

Here you can pick the colors but try to create gradients with more colors to get a magnetic eyes.
Of course requires a little ‘more time but at least you’ll be nice and tidy throughout the day.

How to deflate the eyes

Beauty secrets

It’s amazing how some natural remedies are hiding their “before our eyes” or better in the kitchen …
When the eyes are swollen, try to place the two steel spoons eyelids and in no time your look will be much fresh.

How to apply makeup for a natural look

Beauty secrets

The trick there but not seen. This year the trend make-up focuses on a natural makeup  that will look seemingly soap and water but in reality it’s all studiatisssimo.

How to Make a DIY mask

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In the house you can create many face masks. You know for example that lettuce can do wonders?
And then there are the masks of beauty for the lips  …. kiss-proof.

non surgical hair systems for men

And finally, if there is an unexpected like a pimple or a bit ‘of a sudden acne?

You can prevent all with the right nutrition .

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